The office of the Accountant General (A&E) Nagaland maintaines the accounts of the State of Nagaland under the overall supervision of the Accountant General Nagaland. The accounting functions of this office includes - [Constitutional Provisions]

  • Maintenance of Provident Funds Accounts of the State Government employees of Nagaland and of All India Service Officers of Nagaland cadre. [GPF Accounts Maintenace]
  • Authorisation of Salaries of Gazetted officers of Nagaland.
  • Processing and authorising of pensionary benefits of State Government employees, employees of aided non-Government Educational institutions and All India Service officers.
  • Maintenance of accounts of long-term advances and loans granted to State Government Employees
  • Inspection of Treasuries in the State
  • Maintenance of Provident Fund Accounts, processing and authorising of pensionary benefits of staff of this office.


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