Accounting functions -

Prepare separate Pay Bills for -
--->AIS Officers
--->Gazetted Officers (Other than AIS)
--->Non-Gazetted Officials
--->Group 'D' Officials

Mention correct classification clearly on the font page of the bill
Mention Bill/Challan No. and Bill/Challan date on the front page of bills
Mention DDO, Department, Scheme and "Plan"/"Non-Plan" on the font page of bills
Always use clear, proper and updated seal.
Mention TV No. and date on the cover sheet of bills
Type of deduction such as GPF, HBA, MCA, etc should be properly mentioned in the front page of bills
Enuse that Name mentioned in the inside of the pay bill are legible and in Block/Capital letters and should be written as stated in the Service Book.
Designation and Pay Scale should be mentioned in the ibnside of the Pay bill.
Correct GPF Account No. should be properly mentioned against each individual name in the pay bill
Ensure that the totals are properly checked.
Ensurethat the schedules attached with the pay bills are properly made in the prescribed format.
Ensure that all relevant schedules are attached with the pay bills.
Ensure that sanction orders are attached with all Contigency bills.
Ensure that all paid vouchers are submitted to AG office well in time.
Do not write short names or nicknames in the pay bills
Avoid Overwriting in bills. Rectify errors by scoring the incorrect entry and write the new entry legibily in between lines in clear space with initial.
Do not prepare pay bills of Gazatted and nongazatted officials in the same bill.
Do not give wrong GPF number against the name of officials while preparing pay bills, GPF Schedules and vouchers.
Dos and donts
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