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GPF Final Payment Authorisation.
GPF Statement for the year 2010-11. (Not available now)
GPF Subscription status upto the last month of accounting. (Not available now)
GPF subscribers have to first "Register" online in order to view GPF statement and Subscription Status. The link to Register is provided on the login page, Or Click here.
On the registration screen, you will be required to provide your personal information such as name, office name, date of birth, etc, which will be cross checked with the records available with us. You will have to provide your choices of Usernames and password. Once the registration details are submitted to us, you will be intimated by email (on the email id provided by you on the registration screen) within 2 working days on your status of registration with the username and password authorised to you. If the information provided by you do not match with the records available in this office, you will be intimated accordingly and also on what further steps required to be taken by you for successful registration. After obtaining the authorisation, you can procced logging into this website for viewing your GPF Statement and subscription status. If you do not receive any initmation on the status of your registration, please contact us by email.